Shri Raj Rajendra Basanti Devi  Legendary Kishoremal Khimavat Charitable Trust (Mumbai-Rani)

Charity comes natural to the Trust. In a broad observation, all the activities undertaken by the Trust can be included in this section but if more specific, Charity finds a contrast from the other activities in terms of the approach and attitude.
With a man like Legendary Kishore Khimavat  on lead, the Trust finds it privileged to help the destitute. The Trust spends Crores of rupees to reach out to the needs of the people and get their problems solved in time. Every needy is being helped regularly by means of money, food, shelter, clothes, employment and education.
Other than these regular contributions, the Trust also spreads its message among the public by managing massive social support involvements like old age pensions, savings awareness programs, drinking water stalls at public places etc.

Better infrastructure makes it easy to commute and utilize facilities. The Trust, as its mission clearly suggests, spending time in observing the needs of the hour and act accordingly. In accordance with the mission statement, the trust offered infrastructure aids to the Railway Station in Rani, various Hospitals in Pali, parks and gardens etc.

  • Railway infrastructure

Once the broad-gauge rail came into existence, the railway station in Rani became inhospitable, as the premises lacked basic facilities. Passengers were facing troubles to alight and enter the compartments. To solve the problem, the Trust took the responsibility and offered its complete support in reconstructing the station as per the railway norms. Today, the station in Rani stands out in better shape among other stations in the line, in terms of its tidy looks and proper infrastructure. Other than the normal commuting facilities like platforms and roofing, the Trust constructed drinking water stall, marble benches, and other necessities on railway platform.

                                                              Sitting Arrangements at Rani Railway Station by the trust

Neem Plantations : Potent source of Oxygen

Scorching heat has always been borne by Western Rajasthan and its people. Average rainfall is very little and the land has become desert like. As a result life is difficult in this area.

A solution for this predicament was to grow trees. Only prickly plants and babuls grow naturally in this region. Experts were consulted as to which tree would grow in a desert, surviving all the unfavorable conditions. Experts were of the opinion that Neem trees grow even in adverse conditions, offering the maximum greenery, which in turn attracts rainfalls and moderates temperature.

Khimawat Trust has planned for and planted Neem trees across Western Rajasthan, especially in Pali and surrounding districts. The Trust, observed the success of mass-plantation in Israel, and replicated the same plan in western Rajasthan. In Israel, large plantations brought heavy rain falls in desert-listed areas. The objective of the plantation has to make Rajasthan environment-friendly by raising the oxygen levels and maintaining the eco-balance through pollution control.

Khimawat Trust has planted more than a 7.5 lac trees on either sides of the roads for large stretches and also in the premises of Institutions, railway stations, hospitals and other public places. The challenge undertaken by the Trust is to plant at least 1 Lakh Neem trees every year. The trust is fully equipped to meet this massive target manufacturing tree guards, cleaning the roadsides and digging pits to plant the trees.

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