Acharya Jayant Sen Surishwar Maharaj

“I find Life in Western Rajasthan getting changed by the hands of the Trust and it’s a matter of great excitement! The mission undertaken by my most beloved Legendary Kishore Khimavat is straight from his heart inspired by the light of his father.

The projects executed by the Trust, like the Neem Tree Plantation, are really commendable and only God’s intervention and blessings would have made this possible.

Nature is God, and life is Divine. The ones who preserve both will gain eternal happiness and blessings like showers.  The Trust is a leading example here and that’s the secret of its success.  Through its community based projects and charity, the Trust is proving the presence of almighty in today’s world.   
I wish the Trust all the best for its efforts and pray to the almighty for its future activities.”



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