Legendary Kishore Khimavat
                                                                                                                    Managing trustee
                                                                                                       Sri Raj Rajendra Basanti Devi
                                                                                         Kishore Mal Khimawat Charitable Trust

The western part of Rajasthan is desert prone area where shortage of rainfall is a permanent feature, resulting in famine like conditions. Thus, water conservation is necessary for the survival of human beings and animals. My Guru Rastra Sant Jayant Sen Suri Ji inspired me to dedicate myself for service of humanity in all spheres, especially in water restoration and conservation, education, medical facilities, plantation and protection of environment and to extend help to poor and resource less people. I was also impressed by the example of the water restoration and conservation of water.

I belong to Khimel near Rani in Pali district of Rajasthan. I desired to start the work of water conservation from my birth place and nearby areas. I approached District administration with my proposals to be wholly financed and managed by our trust. District Administration officials in general and Ex-collectors of Pali in Particular Shri Kuldeepji Ranka (IAS) and Shri S. R. Prathihar (IAS) appreciated my proposal and encouraged me to go ahead and put my ideas into action. My wife Smt Basanti Devi and my sons Rajan and Rahul extended their full support and always appreciated my efforts and encouraged me, they are taking interest in my ideas and prolonging their love and appreciation.

I have burning desire to achieve the purpose. Therefore, I started the mass project of water reservation and conservation. Many base flows and surface barriers were constructed in different rivers flowing in Bali, Sumerpur and Desuri tehsil. I took the work of digging of tanks, construction of check dams anicuts and repair of village tanks. The result and benefit of all these projects were evaluated by Govt. agencies and they were of the opinion that Drinking water problem in the concerned area has been solved to large extent, area under irrigation cultivation has increased, water table has risen and percentage of fluoride in water has been reduced.

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