Legendary Kishore Khimavat

A man with a mission

Legendary Kishore Khimawat was born to Late Valchandji Manmalji and Late Hulasibai on 8th Feb, 1952 at Khimel, near Falna of Pali district in Rajasthan.

His father was a devoted social worker. Inspired by his father's sincere contributions for the welfare of his villagers, Kishore grew up sensitive to the needs and hopes of the deprived people.

He finished his education from Varkana and went to Mumbai to do business. Through hard work he expanded his business across India and abroad.

But, Kishore never shied away from social service. He tried to analyze the adversities that affect the state of Rajasthan, and especially his district, Pali. With the spiritual guidance of his guru and mentor Shri Rashtra Sant Acharya Jayantsensuriji m. s. and the unreserved support of his wife and two sons, Kishore could lay the foundation of Shri Raj Rajendra Basanti Devi Kishore Mal Khimawat Charitable Trust in Rani, a village lying next to Khimel.

Kishore's insight has helped the Trust to reach new heights in meeting the needs of Pali and the surrounding districts. The desert like areas turned into green fields, refreshing to eyes, rain was harvested and the resultant water was retained by bunds; new schools came into existence; new roads were built and many such changes were brought about. Well-heeled, the Trust has made its stand clear.

Throughout, he plays the humble henchman's role. If you ask him about his contributions to the society, Kishore will look at you, and smile.



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