Shri Raj Rajendra Basantidevi Khimavat Charitable Trust was founded by Mr. Kishore Khimavat in the year 2005.He belong to Khimel near Falna in Pali district of Rajasthan. He desired to start work of water conservation from his birth place and nearby area. He approached District administration with his proposals to be wholly financed and managed by his trust. District Administration officials in general and Ex-collectors of Pali in Particular Shri Kuldeep Ranka IAS appreciated his proposal and encouraged him to go ahead and put his ideas into action .His wife Smt Basanti Devi and his sons Rajan and Rahul extended their full support and always appreciated his efforts and encouraged him, they took interest in his ideas and prolonging their love and appreciation.
This Organization was started to rebuild the environmental condition by planting trees and water conservation.

History of the Trust – A Story of Immense Commitment
A glint of Inspiration set to a fire of Social Commitment. That’s the story behind Khimavat Trust.
 “A father inspires a son. And the son in turn, inspires the whole world.”
A water tank was not just a dream but a necessity for Rani, a village in Pali district of Rajasthan, which was facing intense shortage of water all through the year and menacingly during summer. Like a savior in time, Valchandji Manmalji, a man of wholeheartedness and deep social sense, built a Water Tank and offered it to the humble villagers. His commitment didn’t end up with a water tank, as he went on undertaking a lot more social missions including the construction of a Secondary School for the village.
Standing side by his father, young Kishore Khimavat was watching the changes happening around him; the changes brought by his father. His inspiration was above what he knew about the mission awaiting him, and this pure inspiration took him from that point to the foundation of Shri Raj Rajendra Basantidevi Khimavat Chartiable Trust in Rani. It was a deep-set vision, enthused by the spiritual influence of his guru, Shri Rashtra Sant Jayant Sen Suriji.
The Trust looked at the world through a broader view and found its service necessary at every sphere of life. Water reservoirs, road developments, Railway Platforms, Cattle and other animal Rehabilitations, AIDS awareness & assisting programs, Rainwater Harvesting systems, Agriculture development activities, Tribal Supports and every assumable side of life has been looked at, supported and promoted by the Trust with its own will and vision in the matters.
In due time, the Trust grew in the number of its people as well as the activities it carried out. Today, the Trust is supported by the voluntary involvement of a number of dedicated members, honorable patrons, and dynamic staff.
The selfless ventures met with success and this in turn invited awards and recognitions from the government and public service associations. The Trust has won more than 300 awards from Government as well as Public Service Organizations. These awards have worked as inspiration for the trust and would help keep the trust on the same track on a consistent basis.
Currently the Trust functions from Rani, Rajasthan and Mumbai, Maharashtra.

            Top row ( L to R ) : Bharat K. Jain, Kishore V . Khimawat, Rajan K. Khimawat , Rahul K. Khimawat
      Middle row ( L to R ) : Rashmi B. Jain, Basantidevi K. Khimawat, Nisha R. Khimawat, Ekta R. Khimawat
                 Bottom row ( L to R ) : Manav B. Jain, Rutvi B. Jain, Prisha R. Khimawat, Bhumi R. Khimawat,
                                                                                            Dev R. Khimawat, Aryan R. Khimawat

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