Basanti Devi Khimavat

Strong Pillar of support and inspiration

Basanti Devi Khimawat was born in Ghanerao, Pali, Rajasthan on the 15th of February, 1956. She is the daughter of Late Jugrajji Hingad and Late Mohini Devi. Afterwards she moved to Ghanerao of Pali, Rajasthan and was married to Kishore Khimawat on 21st November, 1972.

Today a proud member of Raj Rajendra Basanti Devi Kishoremal Khimawat Trust, she is providing support as a strong pillar working along her husband. In all the ups and downs of Mr.Khimawat, she has been his source of enlightenment, making his aspiration a part of her's. Despite having all the luxuries in life, she never forgot her roots and till date maintains her old culture,customs and traditions.

She is mother of three children, Rahul, Rajan and Rashmi, who are now happily married. She is also blessed with four grandchildren Prisha, Bhoomi, Aryan & Dev. She is very religious, follows the rituals like Tapasya, has successfully completed Maskhamand, Varsitap and deeply supports the cause of Jeev daya. She enthusiastically supports Hulasibai Valchandji Khimawat Religious & Charitable Trust to work for the welfare of the public. She is also actively involved in renovating all the religious temples such as Hanuman mandir, Devi mandir etc.



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